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Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the Orchard Product Advisory Board is to provide a forum for effective communication and information sharing from key technologist in the Orchard community to the product and engineering teams. 

Members of the PAB should have a unique understanding of the goals, plans and frustrations required to meet current and future business problems, and also be aware of our challenges in developing solutions to address them. It’s their understanding of this business pulse that we hope to tap into with the Orchard PAB. Our hope is that our board will consist of a diverse group of forward-thinking, experienced, and insightful technology leaders from our community whose input will help steer the planning and development of future products.

The primary objectives of the PAB are:

  • Help define product strategy, roadmap, and priorities including:
    • Suggest and comment on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
    • Suggest and comment on yearly and quarterly content roadmaps
  • Make organizational and individual commitments to contribute to Orchard based on the defined strategies, roadmaps and priorities
  • Represent and promote user requirements, ensuring that Orchard continues to evolve and meet users’ needs and challenges
  • Suggest and give feedback on new opportunities
  • Provide feedback on recruiting and retaining contributors (both corporate and individual)
  • Share experience and best practices  

Member Responsibilities and CommitmentS

Members are expected to provide feedback and responses in a timely manner, and attend a minimum number of review meetings. Members’ expectations include:

Provide feedback on scheduling annual and quarterly meetings;

  • Attend annual meeting;
  • Meet with the Orchard founders at least two times every quarter;
  • Review proposals and provide feedback;


Orchard PAB Member Benefits

It is anticipated that PAB membership will have the following benefits:

  • Impact content strategy and priorities for Orchard;
  • Influence the strategic direction of Orchard; Have advance knowledge of Orchard plans and development;
  • Make suggestions for features and platform improvements to grow Orchard audience and contribution
  • Share and gain knowledge and experience among other Product Advisory
    Board members.
  • Provide feedback and technical reviews of content.
  • May influence the development of BI product functionality to meet their needs and the needs of their industry.



Bruno Wong