For Employers

How are you different from MDM?
We secure your employee’s devices without invading their privacy. This is a fundamentally different approach than MDM software, which is builds-in incredibly invasive access to users’ personal data. For more information, please see our About Us page.

How does the Security Dashboard work?
The Security Dashboard aggregates the data collected from your team’s phones about their security habits. 

What will I see when I log into the Security Dashboard?
You’ll be able to review the security practices of your employees. The dashboard will highlight users who are not following best practices to secure their data. 
To get a full breakdown of what we report back to you, please contact us

For Employers

Can your app access my personal data?
Nope. We’ll never access your pictures, messages, emails, social media, contacts, or any of the other private device you store on your phone. For full details, please see our privacy policy. 

What security data to do you collect?
We’re looking to confirm that you’re doing the right things to keep the personal and corporate data on your phone secure. That includes checking that you’re: keeping your phone’s operating system up to date, using the fingerprint sensor, using anti-theft features, etc. 
It’s important to emphasize that we simply report back to your employer whether you’re using these features. We cannot access your personal data, your fingerprints, or remotely wipe your phone.