Mobile Device security that maintains Employee privacy

Part device management, part device protection, and super lightweight, IT teams use Orchard to manage BYOD programs that are a win-win for everyone.

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Non-Invasive BYOD Security

We ensure that employees are using the right data security tools for their smartphones.  We achieve this without accessing any personal data, which is critical for employee buy-in


Full Smartphone IT Support & Protection

Consider us an outsourced IT department. We're your staff's first stop for any questions or troubleshooting issues related to their smartphones.  We insure every device against accidental damage, ensuring that devices are repaired or replaced quickly, and uptime is maximized

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Hands-off Setup and Management


To get set up with our program, all we need are your employees' email addresses, which we'll use to invite employees to download the Orchard Protection app. Our app runs a brief diagnostic (to ensure that it isn't already damaged) and then walks them through a security checklist that ensures they are following best practices. Wohlsen's IT managers will get access to an easy-to-use dashboard to monitor security compliance while we do all the heavy lifting to get every employee compliant in mobile security.


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Total privacy and peace of mind

Orchard takes privacy, security, and peace of mind very seriously. We use bank-level security measures when storing your information in our system. All your data is fully encrypted.